The evolutionary successor to the classic lamella clarifier

After two decades of continual development, the possibilities of conventional lamella clarifier systems for wastewater treatment had reached their limits. It was time for new ideas. So, in 2013 we went back to the drawing board, in order that we could continue to deliver ever-improving results to both users and the environment.

As part of the practical experience in pilot projects, the BioSaver was developed as an innovative biological system for treating wastewater for general marketability.

The BioSaver® is designed as a modular and multi-level system. This means that every customer enjoys an individualised wastewater treatment system on the basis of a requirement analysis. This system makes it possible to achieve a recycling rate, and therefore a fresh water saving, of up to 98%. After purification, the quality of the process water is FTU <10. These purification results are guaranteed to meet legal requirements and could be used to safely supply water to the sewage system. But why waste (or give away) valuable water? The BioSaver’s biological treatment makes it possible to sterilise the water. This means that near-fresh water is supplied even to self-service cleaning stations and can be reintroduced into the process cycle.

In addition to almost completely eliminating the cost-intensive process of producing fresh water, using the BioSaver® system offers customers additional advantages. Time-consuming inspection and maintenance of the lamellas and the unpleasant odour of conventional systems are also eliminated. Depending on the on-site conditions, the BioSaver® system can be installed above or below ground and, in addition to its ease of handling, is also characterised by its considerable space savings and low operating costs.

Since 2013, the BioSaver® system has mainly been used with success in car washes, gantry car washes, high-pressure cleaning systems, car dealerships and workshops with a wastewater capacity of up to 4m³/h.

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Say goodbye to capacity limits

To overcome the technical limitations of the lamella clarifier systems which had dominated the market up until that point, aquadetox international 2013 broke new ground in biological wastewater treatment. Each installed BioCiron® system is based on the requirement analysis at the on-site process water accumulation point and constitutes an individual project. There are several ways of achieving the common target of a 98% recycling rate. For example, the system can be installed above or below ground, depending on the requirements and on-site conditions. However, whichever way is chosen, there is always guaranteed to be a water treatment system which single-handedly produces water with a turbidity of FTU <10 from the supplied wastewater and achieves near-fresh water quality thanks to the optional biological sterilisation, all resulting in water which does not have to be procured again.

Here, “single-handedly” means that the maintenance and operating costs for the customer are virtually eliminated. The required cleaning work is integrated in the half-yearly cycle of the manufacturer maintenance.

Investing in a BioCiron® system is an economically worthwhile and profitable decision in the case of wastewater of more than 4m³/h. The modular design does not place any upper capacity limits on the system, while consistently maintaining the quality of the recycled water. But for smaller-scale wastewater treatment, investors can play it safe with the BioCiron® system’s little brother, the BioSaver® system, with equally good results in terms of water quality.

The BioCiron® system was developed primarily for the automotive sector, i.e. car washes, gantry car washes, high-pressure cleaning systems, car dealerships and workshops that have larger wastewater accumulation points. But other industry sectors also reap benefits in terms of wastewater treatment thanks to the many years of experience and continuous development of the systems by aquadetox international – and not only by removing the capacity limit.

A comparison of systems without lamella clarifiers

Comparative values



Space required       

1m² – 2m²

from 2m²


up to 4,5 m³/h

no limit

Areas of application

car wash

car wash/industrial

Process water quality

FTU < 10

FTU < 10

Fresh water savings

up to 98%

up to 98%








twice a year

twice a year

Type approval



Flocculant and disinfectant

Coalescence separator


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