Systems for biological wastewater treatment, including recycling

Water is a precious commodity – but to this day, a single vehicle wash in a car wash, for example, can waste up to 150 litres of drinking water. Since 1994, we at aquadetox have been developing customised solutions for the biological treatment of wastewater and recycling which further reduce the demand for precious drinking water.
With our systems, companies in the industrial, automotive and carwash sectors comply with all regulations and limit values, achieve recycling rates of up to 98%, and at the same time reduce operating costs.
Our customers have the choice between various fully automated systems that are low maintenance, stable and safe. Our top models have something else in common: they ideally produce process water in a quality of FTU < 10.

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If you want to challenge us, talk to us about wastewater that can not be biologically cleaned. We also find solutions here, I promise.

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