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Water concerns us all
Visions for a limited
common good

Clean drinking water is one of the most valuable
resources of our planet. A good that should
outweigh any cost-benefit calculation.

We have been living our vision of helping companies
around the world add clean wastewater to the balance
of their environmental footprint since 1994

Technical expertise and passion – the essence of our success

In order to make it as easy as possible for every company to make its contribution to wastewater treatment and purification, we offer customised solutions in the field of biological water and wastewater technology that set standards. Each of our systems represents an individual project, which we personally supervise with all our strength, from consulting and planning, to realisation, commissioning and beyond.

In view of current developments, many entrepreneurs fear new guidelines for environmental protection. For us, these regulations are the chance to move together with innovations – right from their origin in the minds of those responsible to their confluence in future-oriented solutions.

The future-proof and situationally optimised configuration of our systems is made possible by a modular design and also withstands future environmental and operational changes.

Unconventional | Trustworthiness | Our own distinctive signature

aquadetox international – a biological approach to securing the resource of water

The name aquadetox international stands for more than just water treatment, recycling and sterilisation of drinking water and process wastewater. In addition to the core of our services, the plants for biological wastewater treatment, our portfolio also includes wastewater analysis and support for planners and architects when designing industrial plants. It is just as possible to here to implement individual services as it is to draw up entire concepts and see these to fruition, right up to the approval procedure and commissioning. Some of our favourite challenges include pilot plants for industrial wastewater, which to date is classed as not to be cleaned biologically. Based on classic biological water treatment, the BioSaver and BioCiron system series offer the option of additional hygienically acceptable disinfection for the provision of clean, high-quality process water from one’s own process cycle.

Clean water – vital for any industry

The first pilot plants from aquadetox international, at the very beginning of our company history, helped operators in the carwash sector save 80% of fresh water when washing their cars thanks to biological wastewater treatment and purification. Today, a new generation of plant technology already enables 98% of fresh water to be saved. Over time, it has been possible to extend successes like these to other industries, such as the food and hospitality sectors.

We are often asked about the limitations of aquadetox international and our technology.

We are still only one step in the wide field of water treatment. But even now, the horizon itself is only an optical border.

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