Simply a high-quality lamella clarifier

Simple methods are often the most effective. In accordance with this slogan, the BioSimplex® system derives its core functionality from nature. The power of sedimentation is effective in separating the wheat from the chaff or, in this case, the pollutants and contaminants from valuable water. This means that accumulated process wastewater can be recycled directly on site and reintroduced into the process cycle. This lamella clarifier system is able to do this even without a coalescence separator. In addition to the positive effects for the environment, this also results in up to 85% fresh water savings for the user.

Retrofitting a BioSimplex® system is just as simple as this fundamental principle. The complete system is characterised by a great level of reliability, paired with low running costs. The BioSimplex® is topped off by a wastewater treatment capacity of 5.0 m³/h.

Having many years of experience in the car wash sector and even more satisfied customers speaks for itself.

Finally, the BioSimplex® system is also the predecessor of the BioSaver® system and surpasses its ancestors in performance with similarly sized wastewater, as well as in other areas.


The classic lamella clarifier

One of the first and most important milestones in our company history is the BioClassic® system. This system was setting the standard for process water recovery in lamella clarifiers as early as 1994. The success of the BioClassic® system was due to a mixture of various factors. Taking a biological approach to recovering process water made it possible to simultaneously take on economic and ecological challenges. There was no capacity limit restricting the possibilities of this system. In the truest sense, this meant that even the biggest challenges could be overcome. Not only passenger car washes, but bus and lorry washing systems can also benefit from fresh water savings of up to 85%. Thanks to its modular design, the BioClassic® system can be adapted to the individual requirements of the systems on site. From the early days, the BioClassic® system saw easy retrofitting and maintenance for customers become a cornerstone of our company history and an important basis for our lasting success. Even though the next generation of biological water treatment systems have long since continued using the systems of the BioClassic®, many satisfied customers still hark back to the services of the classic lamella clarifier system on a daily basis.

Classic products compared

Comparative values



Space required


from 2m² – 9m²


up to 5,0 m³/h

up to 40,0 m³/h

Areas of application



Process water quality

FTU < 100

FTU < 100

Fresh water savings

up to 85%

up to 85%






twice a year

twice a year

Type approval



Flocculant and disinfectant

Coalescence separator


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