Services – from consultation to commissioning

Consulting and concepts │ Planning

Every instance of biological water treatment and purification starts with the planning of the system: at aquadetox, we support our customers holistically through this for every single project, when desired, even during the early stages– from consultation, to the concept, to planning. Always with the aim of purifying the wastewater 100% while at the same time reducing operating costs.

Our systems are geared towards the future and focus on protecting valuable water resources. That’s why we give our customers intensive advice and together develop solutions that comply not just with limit values, but also with organisational and business requirements, and achieve a recovery rate of currently 98%.

It is irrelevant here whether we’re talking about newly installed biological wastewater treatment systems, including process water recovery, or whether old systems need replacing by state-of-the-art solutions. Working in a cross-cutting manner, we determine the most important characteristics, pay close attention to the structural requirements, and, of course, stick to the budget. We are also happy to support our customers through the approval planning process.



We give you advice based on your individual wishes and requirements.



Our objective is to lower your operating costs and, as far as is possible, to purify 100% of your wastewater.



We create the right concept for your biological wastewater treatment process.



We plan the necessary steps and support you during approval planning.

Construction supervision │ Installation

When installing a system for biological water treatment and wastewater recycling, it is important to pay attention to even the smallest detail. Because only with care, with a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of wastewater treatment and a holistic view, can systems with a long life be created which correspond exactly to the individual needs of the industry in question.

We at aquadetox are the right partner when it comes to assembling these solutions: we work together with certified manufacturers in Germany, have partner companies in Germany and abroad, and take care of supervising construction. Because clean water requires close collaboration and a holistic approach that is based on a love for this precious resource.

With demand-optimised control technology and programming as well as highly energy-efficient components and processes, we create innovative solutions that meet the highest standards and which position our customers optimally for the future. Training employees on the customer side and ensuring that delivery of spare parts is assured over the long term are, of course, a given.



We bring with us a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of biological wastewater treatment.


Long service life

We look at plants holistically, focusing on the individual needs of the industry in question.


Production up until construction supervision

We work with certified manufacturers from Germany and take care of supervising the construction of your new plant.


Innovation at the highest standards

We use demand-optimised control technology, train your employees, and ensure that delivery of spare parts is secured over the long term.

Maintenance │ Service

Systems for biological water treatment and wastewater recycling require regular maintenance – this is the only way to guarantee constant compliance with the limit values. With aquadetox, customers have a partner at their side who is specialised not only in system development and construction, but also in service and maintenance. True to our motto: everything from a single source.

Our highly qualified employees know every system right down to the smallest detail – from the superstructures to the control technology and the programming. Our fault management system with a 24-hour service and hotline and fast spare parts procurement keep on-site downtime to a minimum. We therefore ensure reliable, trouble-free operation of biological water and wastewater technology in close collaboration with our customers. This guarantees that both you and us treat resource water economically and carefully.


Regular maintenance

We maintain your system regularly, so that you are constantly adhering to the limit values.


24/7 fault management

We provide you with our highly qualified staff to keep downtime to a minimum.


Close contact

Working in close collaboration with you, we ensure that your plant runs reliably.


Commissioning a biological water and wastewater treatment system is a very important step that needs to be well prepared and supported. With extensive training, we prepare the customer’s employees for the next working day on site during commissioning.

Good to know: in emergencies, our customers can reach an installer via our hotline, who will be there to help and advise them immediately. Because it is very important to us that our systems are in permanently smooth operation – and thus that the water is protected.

That is why our customers also receive an individual manual and an operational diary in which all details are treated and presented in a meticulous and comprehensible manner. Here, you will also find all the instructions relating to internal company control as well as all the documents you need for providing evidence to the authorities.


Extensive preparations

We train your employees intensively so that they are well prepared for their next working day.


Manual and operational diary

We provide you with the necessary documents for your system, which outline all details in a transparent manner.


Evidence for the authorities

We also put together all the necessary documents for the authorities in the manual.

Get started now in your ecological and economic future.

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